The Hush Mattress
Woman lying on Hush Mattress
Couple unboxing Hush Mattress on bed frame
Couple placing Hush Mattress on bed frame
Couple sitting on Hush Mattress
Hand pressing on Hush MAttress
Hush Mattress with box
Corner of Hush Mattress
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The Hush Mattress

$1,195.00 15% OFF for Black Friday!

This NEW premium mattress features our Hush Iced Cooling Tech so you stay cool all night long and fall asleep faster.

The Hush Mattress brings springs back in fashion with individually-wrapped coils which means zero motion felt from your partner.

Enjoy the blissful feeling of your body floating on a cloud with the oh-so-soft pillow top, while still being supported where you need it most with our triple-zoned coil system.

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It took 1.5 years to create this beautiful, effective bed. We spoke to over 300+ customers to get feedback on what they wanted in a mattress and built it with YOU in mind.

After countless manufacturers told us "not possible", we finally brought the mattress we envisioned to life. Here is the story how.

What's so great about the Hush Mattress?

These four main pillars were the most important to our customers during our research.

Infused with Hush Iced

Our phase change material makes the pillow top cool-to-the-touch. Fall asleep faster and stay cool all night.

Zero Motion Transfer

Our individually-wrapped Canadian Tempered Steel coils mean you won't feel your partner tossing or getting out of bed, protecting your deep sleep.

Naturally Anti-Bacterial

Made with edible soy-based materials and non-toxic padding, there's no opportunity for bacteria to breed in this mattress and no off gassing. This Hush won't stink.

Triple-Zoned Support

Our springs are designed specifically to be firmer around your torso and lighter around your shoulders and feet. Giving you support where you need it it most.

  • Comfort
  • Cooling
  • Support

What does the mattress feel like?

Is it possible to feel like floating on a pillowy cloud, and being gently supported at the same time? We think so!

Most people will describe our bed as medium-firm, which is why we decided to add a pillow top with both responsive and memory foam on top of our supportive spring base.


It's important to be cool
in order to fall asleep fast, and to stay cool to not wake up from overheating.

So we made The Hush Mattress 3° cooler than your bedroom. Here's how:

1) The top layer of phase-change material reacts to your skin and draws heat away from you through perforated holes, resulting in a cooling sensation.

2) The Graphite layer sewn in the pillow top pulls heat away from your body and is very breathable

3) The memory foam layer contains micro visco gel bubbles which absorb heat and doesn't circulate hot air back up.

Translation: the three layers work together to pull heat away from you and keeps you cold.

We got your back. Literally.

Foam mattresses lose their shape over time and start to concave in the middle. That's why we brought high-density coils back into this mattress.

The support from the Hush Mattress is unparalleled and is built to last. Higher gage coils in the middle of the mattress supports your back and torso. Lighter coils at the shoulders, head, and feet ease the stress on your neck.

Looks great, works great

Using a Hush Weighted Blanket or Iced Sheet set? Our products were made to fit perfectly together, and look great together too!

Perfect comfort for your style of sleep

Bye-bye back pain. We know everyone has their preferred sleeping position, so we designed the Hush to feel just right - not too soft and not too firm.

How is the Hush Mattress Different?

The Hush Mattress

Balanced Softness and Firmness

Made with the perfect amount of softness in the pillow top and firmness in the core coils. The balanced approach gives the Hush that floating feeling.

Zoned Support System

The Hush pocket-coil system was built to last 10+ years. Cradles your body right where you need it and won't concave. Reduces neck and back pain with proper spinal alignment.

Sleeps Clean + Cool

Made with food-grade soy byproducts and CertiPUR® foam, the Hush will stay clean and not harbour any nasty germs or sweat. Our Hush Iced tech keeps you cool all night long.


Softer Over Time

Popular foam mattresses are usually made from only 2-3 layers of foam, glued together. While it may start off comfortable, after 1-2 years it may get noticeably softer and less supportive.

No Zoned Support

Since it is one block of foam throughout, there is only one level of support for your whole body. You may notice rolling to the same spot every night as it concaves over time.

Traps Body Heat + Germs

All-foam mattresses are porous and a breeding ground for bacteria to fester and multiply. The foam will often trap heat instead of absorbing heat and circulating airflow.

Spring Mattresses

Too Firm

Spring-only mattresses without adequate soft layers are often rated as too firm. If the coils are not high grade and individually wrapped, they will also weaken over time and might be easily felt.

Too Much Motion

Forget bowling balls and glasses of wine! With a typical spring mattress, the coils are interconnected and you will feel every movement from your partner, disturbing your beauty sleep.

Non-cooling + Bacteria

Often spring mattresses are made with a layer of heat-trapping toxic "transition foams" and glues. After 8-10 years it will weigh 10 lbs more than when you got it - all from germs and dust!


The Hush Mattress works great with most foundations. Here are the four that will work great.


Use a solid platform with a middle support beam for the best results.


Make sure the slats are 3 inches or wider and that there is a centre beam.

Box Foundation

Only use solid-platform box foundations with a support beam.


Works with any adjustable bed with a flat surface.


Do you offer financing or split-payment options?

Yes we do! For 0% interest, you can split your payments over 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Just choose PayBright on the final step of checkout.

Do You Offer Free Shipping? How Fast does it ship?

Yes! As of now we are shipping Canada-wide with no fee. Shipping to your door takes 1-4 days Canada-wide after fulfillment.

Does this work with other Hush Products?

Yes! The mattress is 13" tall meaning it works well with our Hush Iced fitted sheets. The bed is also resilient enough to not be impacted by nightly use with our weighted blankets.

How does the 100 Night Guarantee Work?

Your 100 Night Trial starts from the day your Hush Mattress arrives at your door! If you're not completely in love with the feel of your Hush Mattress, we ask that you try it for 30 days before requesting a return, as the firmness of the pillow top will assume its regular form after a few weeks. If you're still not satisfied, reach out to our support and we will start the hassle-free return process where our couriers will pick up the mattress from your house and attempt to donate it or dispose of it responsibly.

Is this Canadian Made?

We are proud to be Canadian Made! We have a highly-skilled factory in both Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario that produces our premium mattresses.

What Makes The Hush Mattress Different Than Other Mattress-In-A-Box Brands?

Most mattress-in-a-box brands are all-foam mattresses. But we believe this is a step back in mattress innovation. We are bringing springs back, which are more durable and supportive, and allow for zero motion transfer (something foam generally does not). We have also developed a way to compress, fold, and roll our mattress into a small shipping box, which was not possible previously. So we are a premium, real mattress, but happen to be delivered in a box!

How do I clean the Hush Mattress?

Please spot clean any stains on the pillow top of the mattress with a solution baking soda and vinegar. Try to avoid using detergents as that may ruin the cooling material.

How do I unbox the mattress?

Instructions are in the box and are very simple! These premium mattresses are HEAVY so make sure you have a partner to help you lift the box. Simply peel off the outer plastic layer and unroll the mattress onto the bed. Once it's flat on the bed and right side up, you can cut the inner plastic protection layer and it will start expanding as air rushes in. Pull the plastic layer off and voila - you have a Hush!

When can I use the mattress? Will it smell?

The Hush Mattress comes completely odour-free! Odours in other mattresses arise from the use of toxic glues, foams, or flame retardants when shipped from overseas. There may also be a smell when stored in a container or warehouse for a long time, but your Hush mattress is made FRESH for you. You will not need to air it out for days or let it expand for hours. After unrolling, it will expand to its full form in less than an hour, and will look even better the next day. Some creases from folding and rolling are to be expected and will smooth out over time.